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Some DJs don’t like being a Wedding DJ

A wedding is the most challenging type of event to DJ properly, because you need to know a LOT of music, especially in Los Angeles. Southern California is home to thousands of destination weddings every year, and people from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds come here to celebrate their wedding. Of course, some DJs will stick to the overplayed lists of “Most Requested Wedding Songs”–and this is why you may have been to several weddings and heard the same ones again and again.   

But all weddings aren’t the same. They have people of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities coming from all parts of the world. For some people, music isn’t that important, but if it IS for you, it’s important that you realize your wedding is unique from all others, and unless you choose a wedding DJ that treats it that way, it will be generic and forgettable.

I Love Being a Wedding DJ

If I had to play all the same tracks every week, I’d probably go out of my mind.  Sure, there are songs that have stood the test of time, and they seem to be universally liked by literally everyone. The key to a great playlist is balance, and knowing when it’s time to pivot.  This is the main reason I don’t plan my sets in advance; it’s impossible to predict when these moments will happen.

And I love recognizing these moments; they’re little puzzles that I need to solve by reading the room and choosing to play the appropriate songs in the right order to create a unique, memorable, and incredibly fun experience. 

DJ Krieger

Photo by Lucas Rossi

About Me

I started as a Wedding DJ over 15 years ago while living in Philadelphia and working as a radio DJ and MTV VJ. As a result, my experience in live radio and TV has deeply influenced how I approach events. Anybody can hook up their Spotify playlist to a pair of speakers and hit “Play,” but is that going to cut it for an event this important?

Therefore, I believe the best events happen seamlessly, with one chapter of the evening effortlessly flowing into the next. The ways in which your guests enjoy your wedding evolves over the evening, and for this reason, it takes a Wedding DJ with unique experience and intuition to be able to “read the room.” In other words, you want someone who will create a perfectly balanced soundtrack, all the way from quiet cocktails to a raging finale. 

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

Always Meet Your Wedding DJ

When choosing your wedding DJ, it’s incredibly important to find someone you trust. It’s one of the reasons I require a face-to-face meeting (in-person or via video call) before I  send a contract. You need to make sure you and your DJ are on the same page and you have complete faith in their ability to fulfill your expectations. 

Choosing your wedding DJ is the most important decision you will make when planning your event. No other vendor has complete control over how your guests are feeling throughout the night. You’re spending a lot of time and money to plan your wedding. Make your investment count with a DJ who will deliver the experience you expect and deserve.

“I don’t even know where to begin with Krieger. His talent is out of this world.”

— Mike & Kenna



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An essential element to every event, proper lighting will elevate the guest experience at your wedding by enhancing the mood throughout the light.  All lights we provide are on dimmers and able to be adjusted immediately at any point in the evening.



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Kenna & Mike

Kenna & Mike

Cielo Farms

I don’t even know where to begin with Krieger. His talent is out of this world! I am a music lover and he killed it at our wedding! Rather than just meeting over the phone, Krieger invited us to see him at work when he was DJing in downtown; we made a trip down and instantly caught his vibe. He was professional, nice, super chill, and we could tell that this was a match! He asked all the right questions to make sure our wedding was going to be the best night of our lives. 

He played all the right tunes at all the right times. Everyone kept saying they had never seen so many people on the dance floor the whole night. His set was OUTSTANDING! So many guests came up to us and said that our DJ was awesome… We could not have agreed more; Krieger made our wedding. We barely left the dance floor, and I would not have it any other way. 

We would recommend him over and over again. Thank you DJ Krieger for being an all around rad human being and for being the BEST DJ!!!


Jacklyn & Brandon

Jacklyn & Brandon

Serra Plaza
San Juan Capistrano

DJ Krieger was an absolute pleasure to work with during the planning process of my wedding. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what he does, and it surely translates into his work. Upon our initial meeting, I knew that if booking, I would not have to worry about anything falling out of place as Krieger really took the time to get to know the “feel” I wanted for the day as well as what aspects I wished to emphasize through the music.

 Leading up to the big day, DJ Krieger kept in contact and was always available for advice, changes, and questions regarding every aspect of the reception and ceremony. On the day of, he was a solid and key component to the smoothness of the day. The timeline of events were orchestrated beautifully through his cues and everyone was made to feel as if the day had been practiced one hundred times over. All songs were prepared to create a positively fluid and fun environment as well as perfectly curated to pay homage to the generations, cultures, and memories spoken of in our initial meeting. 

By the time of the reception, all guests (all from 85-2) were on the dance floor, loving the music choices Krieger was featuring. He helped cultivate an environment that exuded joy and celebration in a way that I cannot thank him enough for. I would absolutely one hundred percent recommend Kreiger to DJ any event, and adored having him as the DJ at my wedding!

Katie & Ryan

Katie & Ryan

Please Touch Museum

In a word: Perfection! Krieger helped us throw the wedding reception of our dreams. As someone who does events for a living, my expectations were very high and Krieger not only met all of them, he exceeded them. From the beginning, Krieger was professional, easy to work with, and detail oriented. 

Our wedding had challenging acoustics, a lot of people to get on the dance floor (260+) and a lot of special requests. We talked on the phone a few times before the wedding as well as kept a steady email communication, which made us feel so comfortable with our decision to go with Krieger. He really helped us figure out the flow, schedule, and timing of our reception. Not to mention, he mixed a special version of our father/daughter dance song since we had a surprise fast dance after our slow song. Having it in advance was great for practicing and helped us feel ready to show the guests our moves. 

The day of the event, he was timely, professionally dressed, and set up to rock the house! He worked seamlessly with the venue to make sure they were loaded in and situated before the guests arrived. Everything moved like clockwork. Krieger did an excellent job of keeping us on schedule and when things went a little long, he adjusted accordingly to make the flow go smoothly. He also had people up dancing before the salad was even served. As the night continued beautifully with a mixture of classic songs, Top 40, and of course, fist pumpers, we had 5½ hours of pure bliss, and we cannot thank DJ Krieger enough for making that happen. 

Post wedding, we received nothing but praise about the DJ and how people said he was the best they had ever seen at a wedding. My father, a very tough critic, said the DJ was the only thing he was worried about (besides our dance) because of the tough acoustics and he was “blown away”. As someone who has attended 60+ weddings, I can say for sure that Krieger is the best of the best and you cannot go wrong if you are smart enough to book him for your entertainment needs. THANK YOU, KRIEGER!


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